Marine Logistics

we provide services for inbound and outbound logistics such as inspection, documentation and process shipment with ability to ....

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General Maintenance

our company operations include maintenance of gas and production plants, maintenance of living quarters and general pipeline ....

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Door-to-Door Delivery

Our retail services has the capacity to carry out delivery of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) to the end users, placing priority on customers that have a ....

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Goods and Material Haulage

our team of inspectors are well trained in best practices in the handling of ISO tankage procedure and adequately equipped to meet the current required standards and HSE requirements to ensure the safety and integrity of your cargo be it by land or by sea. These are achieved through:

Safety Checks

Safety checks of valves and lids and the application of seals upon request by our partners.

Top of line Procurement

Ensuring top of line fuel procurement & distribution through innovative technological solutions.

Examination of Seal

Examination of the seal and lid integrity upon discharge at the designated location(s).

Tank Inpection

Ensuring tanks have been duly emptied prior to the commencement of the return journey.

Magnificient Oil & Gas

Magnificient corporate oil and gas is duly registered with The Department of Petroleum Resources ( DPR) Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NIPEX-NNPC) British Safety Council IOSH NEBOSH

Our Testimonial

We are extremely happy with our results because our clients happy with our work. Here are some of our customers who have expressed their views.